Vintage Acme Kastmaster, 1/4oz fishing spoon #21261

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Weight 1/4oz (7g)
Length 1 3/4" (4.5cm)
Country of origin USA

The Kastmaster spoon is considered one of the best lures for catching predatory fish. There are several reasons for this high evaluation, including its excellent catchability, outstanding working characteristics, and versatile design that can deliver results for both novice and experienced anglers. The range of movement of the Kastmaster spoon is so broad that it's nearly impossible to use it incorrectly. It can be used as a jig, in strong currents, and for fishing in deep water. The original ACME Kastmaster stands out from numerous imitations not only in its quality of production but also in its material. The proportions of this lure are designed to match a special alloy that ensures the correct balance and provides a unique action both during descent and retrieval. The wide range of sizes available, combined with its excellent working properties, allows anglers to achieve a consistent outcome when fishing for any predatory fish at any time of year.

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