Yakima Bait Worden’s Original Rooster Tail, 3/16oz Brown spinning lure #17229

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Weight 3/16oz (4.7g)
Length 2 1/4" (6cm)
Color Brown
Country of origin Mexico

Rooster Tail is an in-line spinner that has been a popular choice for trout anglers in the United States since the 1950s. It features a hackle feather tail and a willow leaf blade, which rotates widely to create vibration in the water. Developed by Howard Worden in Wisconsin, Rooster Tails are known for being one of the most affordable in-line spinners on the market while also being effective in catching a lot of trout. They are especially popular among anglers who fish on smaller, pressured trout streams as their gentle splashdown and extra stealth provide the right flash and action to attract fish that have been resistant to other lures. Rooster Tails have a dedicated following among trout anglers, who prefer them over other brands due to their affordability, effectiveness, and ability to produce big vibrations.

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