Vintage Bay de Noc Do-Jigger, 3/16oz Black / Nickel / Green fishing spoon #14906

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Weight 3/16oz (5g)
Length 1 3/4" (4.5cm)
Color Black / Nickel / Green
Country of origin USA
Do-Jigger is great as a spin casting lure in summer for big trout, northern and bass, and the #1 as a casting or trolling lure for kokanee, jacks, smaller trout and bass. This polished metal spoon flashes in a lazy fluttering motion to attract fish, and 8 lb. or 10 lb. test line should be used to hold the big ones. For trolling, use a swivel-trolling sinker ahead of the lure to eliminate line twist. Interrupted retrieve and various speeds can be used. The #1 size is good for water depths to 20 feet, and a larger size is recommended for deeper water. The line should be tied directly to the Do-Jigger's front split ring for best movement, or a round snap swivel can be used. For winter fishing, a special large ring, single sproat type hook may be better when using bait or casting or trolling for kokanee or jacks.

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